There have been reports that the Techslize Oneplus are releasing their line of headphones thanks to the Oneplus 6 Headphones.

This will go a long way in ensuring you have the most soothing sound for your ear. The headphones are said to come in two variants, One tip is the earbud version while the One-piece is the headphone version.

Both are said to come with noise cancelling technology which ensures listeners don’t have noise from the surrounding does not filter into the ears. The One-piece is said to come with padded earmuffs which would allow users to wear for long periods without pain.

The earbuds will also follow the same design as the in-earbuds will be less than $100. We expect the headphones to be reviewed by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD).

Build quality is a key factor, it is stylishly built with metal frame for durability and it can stand the test of abuse without breaking.

Techslize Oneplus body construction will include a blend of plastic, metal finishing and some accents of red and yellow. As mentioned earlier, the earmuffs are comfy as they are produced with foam and faux leather. Not only are these comfortable but help in blocking out external noise.

When it comes to sound reproduction, expect to be blown away as it is among the best bass headphones currently on the market. Sound quality is also dynamic and the mids and highs are balanced. Just like the Best In Earbuds under 100

The Audio will be audible and even sound engineers will love the combination of noise cancellation, controlled mids and highs plus a balanced sound-stage thrown into the mix. Genres from hip hop to rock will play well on here.

Even calls would sound just fine, thanks to the Cline microphone as it allows you to take phone calls hands-free. However, the mics quality is at the mid B-65.

Conversations would be audible and you would not be forced to shout before you can heard at the other end of the call.

Both Techslize Oneplus 6 headphones will run on a battery as they are wireless. The would utilized a 400mA and 450mA respectively. The battery will last for up to 20 hours on a full charge. This should easily last tow days of use if you don’t clunk to your headphones all day even while you sleep.

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