Headphones come in various types and different designs & styles. While there are wired options, we also have wireless (Bluetooth) models.

Focusing on the latter, some Bluetooth headsets aren’t equipped with volume control, but this function is offered in others, offering users more convenience to adjust their device volume, especially during activities like playing games and watching movies.

In this guide, we’re looking at headphones with volume control (both wired and wireless) with a range of features.

Here we go!

7 Headsets Built with Volume Control

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System
  • Compact, ergonomic over-ear headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Bass boost and surround sound listening modes. Maximum sound pressure level: 114 dB at 1kHz, 3 percentage THD. THD, total harmonic distortion: <0.5 percentage at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL
  • Digital wireless technology ensures that signal transmission remains clear and accurate
  • Easy to set up and enjoy
  • MAIN controls located on headphones

When operated in the 2.4–2.8 GHz band, these RF headphones have a remarkable range and high resistance to signal interference. RS 175 offers noise-free sound in connection with wireless connection and several listening modes.


The RS 175 RF has over-ear earcups. The ear cups are padded with synthetic leather and are gently clamped over the ear without causing tension.


  • Transmitter
  • 5mm connector
  • AAA battery
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Optical and audio cable
  • 4 GHz frequency band
  • wireless range

The Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphone has a transmitter that serves as a charging station and storage rack. The transmitter can digitally be connected to the television and also has a 3.5mm connection for the supplied analog cables. The transmitter can be connected to two RS 175 devices at the same time.

All controls are detected on the left earcup. It has the bass boost button, the surround sound button, and the volume navigation buttons.

Passive noise isolation is achieved very well by the ear cushions. The headband is lined with two pillows that do not distribute the pressure as well.

So it may be that you are taking a break from wearing the headphone.

This design allows the loading station, the earphone via the gap between the two pads charge.

The headphones are powered by 2 AAA batteries and last well over 15 hours at moderate volumes.

The charging station is a relatively light structure made of plastic. It does not inspire confidence in its structure.

The weight of the headphone can tip over if you don’t hold them properly on the stand.

The Sennheiser RS 175 RF headphones are supplied with a range of cable, the transmitter in every possible way with audio/video devices connect.


  • Low latency connection.
  • Decent sound quality.
  • Natural sound with tight bass
  • Bass boost mode and virtual surround sound modes available
  • Can be connected to playback devices via cables
  • Supplied with all cables required to connect the transmitter
  • The transmitter can support two RS 175s simultaneously
  • Good range and battery life
  • Sounds as good as wired headphones


  • Poor isolation and high leakage.
  • Limited reach and usability.
  • The headband becomes somewhat uncomfortable when worn for a long time
  • Charging dock is not built solidly
  • Bass delivery varies significantly from user to user. Sensitive to glasses.

Why Buy?

Available at $199.99. RS 175 RF offers you noise-free sound in connection with wireless connection and several listening modes.

JB Live 650 BT NC, around-ear Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancellation

No products found.

Equipped with powerful 40mm drivers, the JBL LIVE650BTNC headphones deliver JBL Signature Sound with enhanced bass, so that every track in every playlist is striking.

If music is the only thing that matters, you can use active Noise-Cancellation technology to block out ambient sounds so that nothing disturbs your groove.


It’s solidly built and weighs 9.28 ounces with firm metal hinges. You can get them in different colors: black, white, and dark blue.

For the journey, they can be folded compactly and flat and placed in the linen bag. Once set, they are comfortable, but not as comfortable as the Quiet Comfort 35 II.

The earpads are thick and even the headbands are well padded.  It is an over-ear model.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Built-in microphone
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection
  • 40mm driver
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Voice assistance
  • 20 hours of playback time

Compared to other over-the-ear headphones, they use a Bluetooth 4.2 connection and can be connected to multiple devices.

You can also use it with your iOS or Android device. Also, it works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

To access the voice assistant, tap the center of the left ear cup. The controls are touch-sensitive, and you can adjust the bass or treble with the app’s preset EQ sets.

The wireless headphones are perfect use in public transport, on frequent flyers, and in the office.

With Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri integration, you can answer or make calls hands-free while walking the streets.


  • Good noise-cancellation
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Dynamic and powerful sound
  • Supports Voice Assistant


  • Non-adjustable ANC
  • Micro USB charging cable

Why Buy?

Available at $195.95. JBL LIVE650BTNC Headphones deliver JBL Signature Sound with enhanced bass so that every track in every playlist stands out.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control - Black
  • Three levels of world-class noise cancellation for better listening experience in any environment
  • Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more
  • Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear sound and voice pick-up
  • Balanced audio performance at any volume
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, personalized settings, access to future updates, and more through the Bose connect app. USB cable: 12 inch

Bose steps forward and adds the much needed programmable button which by default calls the Google Assistant.

The on-board controls are the reason why it ends up on a list of the best headphones with volume control.

The incredibly quiet ANC, the extremely comfortable and light design, and the fluid sound are the extras that make you enjoy music on the go.

There are volume controls for Apple and Android.


The structure is mainly made of high-quality plastic with metal trimmings on the back of the ear cups.

This results in a weight of only 8.25-ounce, and you rarely ever feel it on your head for hours. The ear cups are oval race track and lavishly padded.

The headband has only one padded bow. Given the low weight and the optimal clamp, this is sufficient. These are the most pleasant ANC headphones for music marathons and airplane travel.

The microphone is fairly focused and offers an excellent calling experience on these headphones.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Google assistant button
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 5mm audio cable

These QC35 Headphones have a Google Assistant button added to the right ear cup. This will start the wizard immediately.

However, it is a programmable button that can be configured via the Bose smartphone app. The other most desirable function programmed on it is the ANC level.

Active Noise Cancellation can be set to low, high, and off. This button can be used to switch through the three states if this has been programmed.

These headphones have a battery life of 20 hours with ANC and Bluetooth. They can be used for up to 40 hours in wired mode. They are available in black and silver.

The volume control of these headphones and the multifunctional button on the edge of the right ear cup, these are marked so that you can discern them by touch.

These are supplied with the charging and audio cable. A carry case is also included.

The ear cups of QC35 can be folded down. The earpieces can also be folded inwards for compact storage.

The ANC does not cause annoying noise in the sound. The Bluetooth connection stays within the specified range. However, there are no AptX supports though.


  • Bluetooth
  • World-class ANC
  • Programmable button
  • Light and convenient
  • Balanced, warm audio


  • No AptX support

Why Buy?

The QuietComfort 35 IIs are extremely effective in a kind of Ron seal way:  excellent noise suppression ensures that everything around you stays quiet, and they are exceptionally cozy.

In this regard, they are unbeatable, and for many regular long-haul pilots, they will be the principal factors.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2: Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2: Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone - Hi Res Audio and Active Sound Cancellation - Black (2017 model)
  • DIGITAL NOISE CANCELATION: Industry leading noise canceling eliminates distracting background noises
  • SMART LISTENING: Quickly detects your activity to automatically adjust the ambient sounds you hear
  • QUICK ATTENTION MODE: Cover the right ear cup to turn down your music for instant, easy conversation; Battery Charge Time: Approx. 4 hours
  • TOUCH CONTROL: Skip a track, change the volume and take or make calls just by touching a headphone
  • FAST CHARGING: Enjoy up to 30 hrs of cordless NC and a 10 min quick charge for 70 more mins of play.Frequency Response (Active Operation):4 Hz–40,000 Hz

Sony WH1000MX2 ANC Wireless Headphones are very close to the Bose QC35 II.

The WH-1000XM2 Headphones from Sony are the second generation high-quality wireless headphone with noise cancellation. Volume controls are available for Apple and Android


The WH1000MX2 ANC wireless headphones from Sony bring a little more air into their design compared to the Plain Jane QC35 II.

The design is still simple and fits both the professional and the casual look. It is again plastic cans with metal trimmings on the headband.

They have a metal bridge with a padded bottom that wraps around the top, while the synthetic leather ear cups are cozy and cool even after extended use.

They are a bit heavy but can be carried without straining the neck. The earpieces are oval race track mounted with soft pillows. The draping material is much more wear-resistant than the previous version.

The headphones are also only available in two colors, completely black or completely white.


  • 4 microphone
  • Active noise cancellation
  • AptX HD support
  • Weighs 9.8 ounces
  • Dimension: 7.3×2.9×9.8 inches
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 5mm male to male cable

The construction is undisturbed by many buttons because the volume and playback controls are via the touch-sensitive area on the right earcup.

The ear cups can be folded inwards for compact storage. They can also be worn comfortably around the neck. The volume of these headphones is regulated by swiping the right ear cup. It also has playback and call control.

These are wireless ANC headphones and the ANC level can be changed. It can be set to high, low, or powered off.

Another brilliant feature is the Quiet Attention Mode. You can cup your hand on the right earpiece set to mute the music and the ANC and hear ambient sounds.

Very useful if you want to have a conversation with someone without removing the headphones. An optimization function uses pressure sensors and scans the side of your head to adjust the music based on the seal.

Around the left earpiece, there are only two buttons on the headset: switch one for Power/Bluetooth and another to the noise cancellation between the three settings (on, ambient, off).

There is an auxiliary socket underneath the buttons, which is mirrored on the other earpiece by a micro-USB connection, via which the device is charged.

These Sony headphones are supported by a smartphone app. It has several options for tuning ANC and enable the type of ambient noise you want to hear.

Noise reduction of this caliber also requires a lot of software running, which means that the WH-1000XM2 contains a processing chip that performs calculations in real-time.

These headphones also support AptX HD. The battery lasts 30 hours in wireless and ANC and 40 hours in wired mode.

It also has a quick charge function, where a 10-minute charge would provide 70 minutes of power. These headphones are available in a conservative black and much dull gold color.


  • Powerful ANC and Bluetooth
  • vibrant, agile, balanced audio
  • Touch sensors
  • Fast charge
  • Tons of function


  • The microphone quality could be better
  • Hinges are fragile
  • Touch sensors

Why Buy?

Available at $348.00. The Sony WH-1000XM2 sounds great and has clever noise reduction technology.

They are ideal for long flights or train rides, and they not only keep sound out extremely well but also make the incoming audio sound fantastic.

Bose Quietcomfort 25 Acoustic

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones come from Bose’s prestigious line of noise-canceling headphones.

The volume control is already built into these headphones. Just like the Momentum 2.0, they sort their Android cable from the iOS-friendly cable.

They have a lot to offer, including the industry’s best Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) though they charge a price. This product equally has volume controls for Android or iOS based on the model picked.


The Bose QC25 headphone is one of the most comfortable headphones available. It weighs a meager 196g and offers a balance between lightness and durability.

The ear cups are padded with foam and covered with leather. The headband sits snugly with similar padding under the ear cups.

The oval earpads enclose your ears completely, rather than sitting on them annoyingly. The earpieces folded in zinc hinges and pivot to them in a portable carrying case to pack.

The clamp pressure is enough to keep the headphones stable while running or jogging, but it’s not high enough to be painful in the long run.


  • AAA battery
  • Detachable cable
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Volume controlled
  • 5mm micro jack
  • 35 hours of battery life

The ANC functionality of the QC 25 Headphone with volume control works with AAA, which last up to 35 hours of music playback.

In this way, you have the option of changing the batteries in the middle of the night when their charge is running low. It can also be used in wired mode without ANC if the batteries are empty. You can switch this function off.

QuietComfort 25 headphones have a detachable cable with 3-button inline remote control. You can either choose the iOS bundle or you can buy the Android bundle with the volume controls compatible with Android devices.

The cable has a 2.5mm plug at the end of the headphone and ends in a 3.5mm plug. They come with an airline adapter and a carry case. The bass has a powerful presence. It rumbles well in its cones. The treble is bright and goes well with the lows.

The mid-range of these headphones is free of any bleeding from the mids. The sound is reproduced in a wider sound stage than any headphone with closed-back should have.


  • Active Noise Cancellation that can be switched off
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Balanced, pleasant audio
  • Supplied with either Android cable or iOS cable
  • Removable cable
  • Foldable


  • No automatic switch-off

Why Buy?

Available at $269.98. The Bose QuietComfort 25 only brings out the best in media.

They are a unique piece of technology in that they not only convey an overwhelming first impression but also offer it again and again with every use.

Sony MDR1R Premium over-the Head Style Headphones

Sony MDR1R headphones are one of their affordable headphones. They come with two cables: one with inline volume and microphone and another, with a simple cable.

They have excellent architecture from Sony, which is designed for long-lasting comfort.


Sony used Aluminum and plastic in optimal proportions to create the volume control MDR1R headphones.

These feel solid in your hands but are light at 8.5 ounces. Most of the metal is on the back of the speaker plate. They rely on a cool, modern look for the MDR1R.

Both the headband and the ear cups are padded and draped with synthetic leather.

The padding runs from ear to ear on the headband. The earpiece is race track oval and around the ears. The ear cups can be swiveled on metal hinges.

The headband is all black with a surprising level of padding. It moves down to the position where the band meets the arms for the earpieces. These are colored in a metallic smoke and look as if they were made of metal. But they’re made of plastic. The ear cups themselves are all black with black padding.

There is also an attractive red metal band that winds around the earpieces exactly between the section with the logo and the padding.


  • Microphone
  • 3-button remote control
  • Volume control
  • Detachable cable
  • 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragms

The removable cable of these headphones can connect to both sides. The plug is inserted into a tube that is connected to the swiveling bracket of the earphones.

They are supplied with two cables. One is a simple audio cable. The other one has an inline microphone and remote control with 3 buttons. Of these, the volume controls only work with Apple devices.

MDR1R Android-friendly controls replacement cables are readily available. The cable is tangle-free.

As with most other Sony headphones, the MDR-1R headphones are a real comfort ace.

The large ear cups offer good passive noise isolation. But unlike Sony’s dork-like headphones, the MDR-1R doesn’t stick out a mile from your head. It looks relatively smooth.

The Sony MDR1R is an all-genre headphone. The sound is so refined that it sound fluid with all music types and recording formats.

The bass has a rich sound and extends deep into the sub-bass range.

The mid-range benefits from the wide and deep sound stage. It’s not as detailed as the Momentum 2.0 but the tonal balance makes the tone in the MDR1R sound very natural.


  • Rounded, balanced audio
  • Excellent bass extension and definition
  • Comfortable fit
  • Two detachable cables


  • None

Why Buy?

Sony MDR1R is a great audio solution. You can handles calls with sufficient clarity and responsive inline controls.  The audio balance is also very good.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wired Headphones

SENNHEISER Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation- Black
  • Noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation blocks ambient noise using 4 microphones for ultimate isolation to dramatically improve sound quality in noisy environments. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • 22 hour battery life with both Bluetooth and Noise Gard activated to ensure performance during long commutes or plane flights
  • Technology uses 2 built in microphones working seamlessly to improve voice quality and remove external noise during phone calls
  • 2-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer. Very important please note: Detachable cable must be inserted into headphone until it "clicks" and twisted clockwise (to the right) to lock the cable in place
  • Its especially low profile was optimized for the use on mobile devices. Fitted with jack plugs on both ends, the cable is completely detachable and can be replaced if necessary

Sennheiser presented its Momentum headphones in many forms: noise-reduction, wireless, over-ear, on-ear, etc.

The sound is disclosure with Sennheiser rather focused on occasional listeners than purists. Momentum 2.0 also has a convenient purchase option for its detachable cable.

Volume controls are available for Android or iOS based on the selected model.


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 with volume control headphones are easy to recognize due to their new design. The ear cups look mounted on a padded metal arch.

The original Momentums had smaller ear cups than this. So they rested on your ears and created pressure points when worn for long periods.

Version 2.0 has large oval memory foam pads that enclose the ears. These are covered with real leather. The outer padding has a clear grain and is quite shiny, while the inner part of the pads and headband has a much finer grain.

They sit correctly around the ears and don’t put any pressure on them. The headband is also covered with foam and premium leather. The headphones of Momentum 2.0 are readily available in either the Android or Apple version.


  • Detachable cable
  • 3-button inline remote control
  • 5mm jack
  • Dynamic driver

Only the detachable cables differ in both. If you buy the Android remote control, the volume controls of the 3-button inline remote control work with Android.

The cable is attached to an ear cup with a twist lock for added security. Because it is removable, you can always exchange it for a separately purchased iOS compatible cable.

The arms of the headphone can be folded into a compact structure. They are lightweight with optimal clamping pressure.

The headband only has enough tension to keep it calm, and this pressure is evenly distributed through the soft ear pads. The headphones are available in a completely black design with contrast stitching.

The bass is tight, controlled, and easy to recognize for all owners of any Sennheiser headphones.


  • Made from high-quality leather and memory foam
  • Rich, dynamic audio
  • Powerful bass
  • Foldable
  • Supplied with Android cable or iOS cable
  • Detachable cable


  • It could have been delivered with Android AND iOS cable for the price.
  • Poor isolation.

Why Buy?

Available at $189.98. The Momentum 2.0 is not only supplied with a protective zipper case, but you also get a soft bag for basic dust protection.

A foam is included to ensure the integrity of the pads while the headphones are folded up.


What to Look in Quality Headphones with Volume Control?

With regards to headphones, several categories offer volume control.

We researched different categories of Bluetooth headphones, noise-canceling headphones, audiophile headphones, and budget headphones categories for cans with volume control. We made our picks based on the following criteria:

Sound: The main aim of purchasing new headphones is to improve your audio experience.

As for audio quality, you want to find a set with a wide frequency response and precise tuning, depending on the technology itself and the processing options.

The racetrack itself is responsible for how drivers can perform.  The internal speakers of a headphone all work the same way, but not all of them are as efficient as the next ones, and that’s important to understand.

High-quality headphones have a rule over the long driver for bigger drivers for bigger and better bass and a more open soundstage.

If the bass is important to you, then you should target a pair with bass optimization to counter the risk of distortion, and especially try to work with large diaphragms.

The extra space they offer helps with bass reproduction and produces better bass performance.

The best headphones with volume control on this list have in the audio world proven their worth. They offer you an excellent acoustic price-performance on the money.

Volume Control: You can be using your headphones for gaming, movies, etc. It is tedious to turn to the system to change volume every time. Therefore volume control is a must for the headphones selected here.

In this article, we’ve provided researched and carefully selected headphones with volume controls that are either compatible with Android with iOS.

Build Quality

The materials used should be the best quality you can afford for your money. In the low-price regions, some manufacturers are only able to make such an affordable offer if they have drastically reduced their production costs.

The easiest way to do this without too much consideration is the use of cheap materials, but some outshine others in terms of comfort and durability.

Over-ear models should be generously padded, ideally with something skin-friendly, as your ears can become quite hot, especially with a closed headphone.

You should also have a good adjustment range, as wearing it over a long period can cause headaches if you sit poorly.

A sturdy but bendable headband can help with this, and here, too, they should offer some padding or be made of strong rubber so that they don’t lie hard on the head.

The in-ear models must be ergonomically designed, with tips made of safe materials such as silicone, preferably with a range of tip sizes to choose from, to ensure a comfortable fit.

No matter what you choose, the internal components must be engineered and of good quality. The manufacturing plays an important role, parts of first-class quality, and the components deliver a below-average sound if they are not put together well.

Features: Since comfort is what you have at heart, you are perhaps interested in other features of headphones. Some of the best headphones with volume control have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Bluetooth connectivity, and foldability, the ability to customize looks, or produce high-resolution audio.

Any Disadvantages of Wired Headphones with Volume Control?

The biggest problem with wired sets can be tangled, and also the area where they are connected to the internal components can also be subject to much rough handling and inevitably lead to long term wear breakage.

Y-leads are less likely to get tangled, but they are 2 entry points that can be weak points.

A one-sided cord that makes up half of the entry points reduces the risk of breakage but is more likely to tangle on you.

A removable cord eliminates the vulnerability but can still get tangled. Ideally, you would like something with reinforced entry points or a pluggable, extendable cord system.

The wires themselves can be made tangle-proof utilizing an outer sheathing, usually made of woven textiles or plastics. A double-twisted or braided wire can often help prevent tangling.

Wrapping up

On the surface, headphones are one of the simplest gadgets. Just plug it in or connect it wirelessly and play the movie you want to watch. However, getting a top-notch and durable pair may not be that easy.

Important aspects to consider when choosing headphones are design, size, and sound quality. With the help of quality headsets, especially headphones with volume control, you can take your listening pleasure to a whole new level, making the experience a very enjoyable one.

Lastly, headphones are a key part of the puzzle when it comes to listening to music; hence, you need to research well to buy the best pair that perfectly suits your needs and taste.

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