BOHM took its headphone game to the next level by releasing the BOHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones. With these powerful cans, you can truly enjoy a crisp, vibrant, richly textured sound, along with thumping bass.

Since the headset’s sound, compatibility, and the design have been significantly improved, the model is the darling of audiophiles. In the package, you’ll find a hard case, a charging cable as well as auxiliary cables.

This product lets you escape the daily noises in your workplace, during a trip, or in any other place, by allowing you to treat your ears to your favorite tunes and audiobooks anytime & anywhere.

The headphones come with the latest active noise cancellation (ANC) tech that features ambient noise reduction, providing you with endless hours of focused, comfortable listening. Let’s learn more about Bohm B76 review!

Bohm B76 Review: Features


Concerning the build quality of this audio device, the design is the key factor. As expected, the BOHM B76 is among the most stylish and comfortable headphones on the market. It’s a metal body, making it more durable and a product you can rely on for a lifetime.

The construction represents a blend of steel, sports metal, and brushed aluminum. As for the headband and earpads, those are produced using memory foam and faux leather, which prevent the external noise from entering into the ear.


Away from the design, let’s look at the portability of the headphones. The BOHM B76 aesthetically caters to the user’s need. While it’s a tad heavier than the previous versions, it applies almost no pressure to your ears and also fits well over the ears.

It can be folded & stored in a tiny handbag or travel bag. The headphones come in a sturdy black bag, which keeps them secure. They don’t occupy much space, and you don’t have to worry about the headset getting broken since they’re sturdy and durable.

Overall, we didn’t see anything to complain about in the build and design of these headphones.


Unlike other headphones sold on the market, the Bohm B76 fits comfortably on your ears. It’s made with consideration given to all sorts of ear shapes and sizes. Due to the over-ear design of the model, you can wear it for long hours without experiencing any issue pertaining to discomfort, headache, dizziness, and painful ears.

Apart from that, we didn’t notice any complaints about sweaty and hot ears. As a result of all the amazing benefits the unit offers, you can undoubtedly consider extending your music hours without hassle.

Also, the sound controls are very accessible, more than what we’ve in the B-66. You’ll find the ANC button on the left side, enabling you to keep an eye on the ambient noise.

And the volume control button is on the right side, which you can press to change the volume, answer your phone calls, and switch to the next/previous music track.

Sound Quality

As regards sound quality, BOHM is a leader in the game. The BOHM B76s are powerful enough to let you enjoy watching your best TV programs, movies, and listening to your favorite music. Also, they’re especially great for gamers.

The bass isn’t only full but also dynamic, enabling you to hear all the music relying on the bass. Also, in these headphones, there’s no compromise on the mids and highs because both will come out very clearly.

With the balanced soundstage, the bass doesn’t get overwhelming for you. Audiophiles that have a knack for hip-hop, rock, pop, and country songs will find the audio quality of these headphones perfect for those genres.

Furthermore, we did notice that the performance of the bass booms upon the activation of the noise cancelation option. You can now listen to any high-bass music and treat your ears to precise, detailed, and loud music.

Using this audio appliance, you’ll be able to hear every word and tone of the song, much the same way as we’ve it in the original version. As regards lows, they’re slightly downgraded compared with the highs & mids.

Since it’s an over-ear headphone, you’ll find its noise cancellation feature reliable in preventing most of the outside noise and disturbance. This lets you enjoy a highly immersive listening experience. More on the ANC tech shortly.

Wireless Connectivity via Bluetooth

The BOHM B76 is a wireless over-ear, which streams your music using Bluetooth. It’s equipped with Bluetooth V4.0, and this wireless connectivity helps you get rid of the persistent, annoying wires that could often get in the way.

Because of this wireless feature, these headphones are perfect for users that wear headphones during sporting activities.

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity works seamlessly with all smartphones (both Android and iOS), showing the company designed these headphones with smartphone users in mind.

Therefore, whether your mobile device is a Samsung, Huawei, LG, Mac Book Pro, iPad air, or others, the Bluetooth V4.0 tech maintains the connection to your headphones from a greater distance as well.

Even if the distance is half a soccer ground, the sound clarity stays excellent.

Apart from Bluetooth, the BOHM’s unit also offers the CSR solution that improves the quality of streaming music through Bluetooth. The CSR chip is typically accompanied by the Apt-X codec in headsets of this current generation. This implies that the BÖHM B-76 also follows the exponential growth of technology.

The Bluetooth indicator, which can be found under the right headphone’s pad, makes sure the connection is hassle-free. All you’ve to do is to turn on the Bluetooth; then, search for the headphones over your smartphone or tab.

The Bluetooth range is 10m (33ft), so you can make use of the headphones in the gym, studying, while doing chores, or while at work.

But that’s not all. The headphones also have support for different protocols, such as A2DP, HFP, AVRCP, and HSP.

Want to enjoy the wired music transmission while the headphones are charging? You can do so by adding the Aux cable via the 3.5mm Jack.

Active Noise Cancellation

Let’s now take a more in-depth look into the ANC aspect of this Bohm B76 review. While the Faux leather cushions that are on the pads offer you solid isolation from background noise, the makers felt that the physical protection isn’t just enough. For this reason, they included the ANC tech that’s located on the rear of your left ear pad.

As a matter of fact, the active noise cancellation works excellently well in preventing noises from entering the headphones and disrupting your music listening experience. While the option does a nice job of keeping out noise, some areas of the tech still need more improvement.

It keeps out noises up to 20 decibels. However, that’s far from being perfect since other headphone models in the same price segment keep out noises from your ears much better.


The BÖHM B76s have an inline microphone that lets you make and take phone calls entirely hands-free. This is a cool feature, though the mic’s quality is a bit lower than that of the B-66.

The quality of the conversation is clear, but because the mic is very silent, you’ll often be forced to speak loudly, or even yell sometimes, for the other party to hear your voice clearly. This is the only major downside of these headphones. But if you don’t really care about the mic, this isn’t a downside for you in any way.

Generally, the performance of the Bohm B76 is commendable.

Battery Life

Did you think we wouldn’t touch the battery aspect of the Bohm B76 review? We couldn’t leave such a key feature out.

The headphones make use of the 320mA battery that handles your music output and ANC remarkably well. With this battery, you can listen to cool vibes from your favorite artists for hours.

The battery can last up to 16 hours, making the BÖHM B-76 perfect for use as a travel companion. Additionally, the ANC durability of 8 hours is a good deal for the pair of headphones, which retails at $79.99, less than $100. Also, the average charging time of this battery lasts just about 2 hours.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now walk through the features we like about the Bohm B76 review and those we don’t.


  • Durable & lightweight design
  • High sound quality
  • Aesthetically excellent
  • Comfortable on your ears
  • Foldable
  • Over-ear isolation
  • Cool noise cancellation features
  • Huge compatibility specter
  • Excellent soundstage


  • The mic is less sensitive
  • A bit heavier compared with previous models
  • While the ANC feature has definitely been improved over the B-66 model, it still doesn’t have the kind of coverage the other models (like Sennheiser) in the competition offer
  • The mic is too silent

Bohm B76 Review: In a Nutshell

The BOHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones have all an average audiophile needs in their cans. They come with a variety of excellent features and specs, which ensure the unit delivers powerful sound quality and robust design.

Therefore, whether you’re a kind of user that likes sticking to the style and comfort of these headphones or likes experiencing the thrilling music they offer or needs a travel buddy, this product is a high-standard model you can always rely on.