Bluetooth is used for wireless data transmission. It was initially only utilized to connect office equipment, such as keyboards and printers. Still, it advanced into something much more important and better owing to the great adaptability that Bluetooth profiles offer.

Audiophiles often complain about the poor audio quality of some wireless headsets. While some of those complaints are genuine, aptX Bluetooth headphones serve as a fantastic middle-ground for users seeking untethered listening without having to compromise sound quality.

Furthermore, the primary reason for buying a wireless headphone is convenience, and these Bluetooth headphones provide you with freedom from tangled cables, preventing headphone jacks from causing a nuisance by getting in the way.

Active noise canceling (ANC) is a commonly featured option, which is used to block out noisy environments. And it’s quite worth trying out if you’re a frequent traveler.

The best aptX headphones are audio devices offering you great portability since they can be folded up and stored in your bag conveniently. Let’s review our top 7 picks for the headsets with support for aptX. Also, we’ve listed some recommended headphones that are compatible with aptX HD, which is a more recent variant of aptX.

Top 7 AptX Bluetooth Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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The Sony WH-1000XM3 is regarded as the king of noise-canceling headphones, and with good reasons. It has a sleek futuristic design and all the gadgets you’d expect from premium headphones.

Design and Features

The headphones have a silky matte black finish with cozy ear-pads. The earcups fit all ear sizes, and the softly padded headband offers hours of comfort.

On the left earcup are the only two buttons on the headset. One is for Power/Bluetooth, and the other to switch noise reduction between the three settings — On, Environment Mode, and Off.

Below the buttons is an audio jack, which is imitated on the right earcup by a USB Type C port used to charge the headphones.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 supports the largest number of high-quality Bluetooth codecs of all other listed aptX Bluetooth headphones. Sony LDAC is also supported.

AptX is so far a clarified and more efficient kind of audio compression for Bluetooth streaming. However, LDAC moves it to a new level. It is capable of streaming uncompressed sounds with very low latency. This means that you get exceptional music without any compromise over a Bluetooth connection.

Bass notes are replicated louder compared to any midrange frequencies, which gives the songs a captivating sound. Customization can be done via the Sony Headphone Connect app (Android and iOS) for those who want a more neutral sound signature.

The quality of the microphone is as good as the Sony WH-1000XM3, making it an excellent choice for listeners whose days are occupied with conference calls and video chats. The mics do an excellent job of transmitting the speaker’s voice clearly, while also reducing background noise.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 also features active noise reduction, which is a leader in its class. Even the roaring noise of an aircraft engine isn’t powerful enough to infiltrate the headphones.

The Sony connects via Bluetooth 4.1 and supports simultaneous connection with only one device, which is one of its disadvantages. It has a battery life of 30 hours when fully charged and supports fast charging via USB-C. It’s fully charged under two hours.

Sony has other essential features like pass-through audio that amplifies outside noise via the headset, so you can quickly talk to a flight attendant or hear likely dangers when crossing the road.

The device also has a stylish carrying case and portable build: The earcups can be rotated and folded to take up less space when traveling.

  • Supports aptX, LDAC
  • Active noise suppression
  • 1 Bluetooth connection
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • 5mm aux port
  • USB-C charging port


  • The LDAC audio codec from Sony is the best of all
  • Great balanced sound
  • Fast charging and long battery life


  • Just one device can be connected at the same time

Why Buy?

These noise-canceling headphones are among the best out there, combining form, function, comfort, and sound quality in an innovative way in one package.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica ATHM50XBT Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Black
  • Wireless on the go design delivers the same critically acclaimed sonic performance as the original ATH M50x Professional studio Headphones
  • Touch control provides convenient access to voice assist Sensitivity - 99 dB/mW Impedance
  • Mic and button controls built into the ear cup allow for easy handling of calls music playback and volume adjustment
  • Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers deliver exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep accurate bass response
  • Includes 30 centimeter (1.0 feet) USB charging cable and carrying pouch Magnet neodymium

The ATH-M50xBT is ideal for music lovers. They offer a beautiful carrying case for listeners, including a rugged design, spectacular sound & battery life, and wireless convenience as well.

Design and Features

The construction quality is almost identical to the first wired ATH-M50x, which could be a turn-off for those looking for a more modern appeal. However, the advantage of maintaining a continuous design is that it has proven itself. The revolving earcups and collapsible hinges make this headset portable despite its bulky build.

Also, its incredibly durable battery makes the ATH-M50xBT great for traveling. With a single charge, this headset lasts 31.2 hours, which is better than the majority aptX top-of-the-line Bluetooth headphones offer. It takes 7 hours to complete a full charge cycle.

This Bluetooth 5.0 headset is compatible with AAC and aptX for premium wireless streaming to iPhone & Android devices, so there won’t be any compression in your music.

The 45mm driver boosts the bass notes and makes them a little louder than surprisingly the most accentuated mid-range sounds.

These correspond to what most consumer-friendly headsets generate, as our brains tend to enjoy amplified low-frequency sounds.

Around the 4kHz mark, the volume is deliberately lowered to combat the ear’s natural resonances, thus decreasing distortion. You can enjoy greater discerned clarity due to the 800Hz-3 kHz high frequency, which is a symbol of consumer-friendly sound.

The microphone quality is good for easy hands-free conversation because Audio-Technica seems to use some sort of voice amplifier processing over the frequency response of the microphone. At the bottom of the left earcup are most of the M50xBT built-in controls, including the power/pair switch and a three-button control panel.

In the middle is a multi-function play/pause button and above & below a call and volume button, which also allows skipping songs with two-second hold time. Ultimately, each headset has its disadvantages and depending on the codec used for streaming media, these headphones have low latency, but this is easily reconciled.

  • 5mm audio jack
  • Micro USB charger
  • 32 hours of battery life
  • Supports both AAC and aptX


  • Great sound
  • Great battery life
  • Robust build quality
  • Solid noise insulation


  • Micro USB charging
  • No suppression of active noise

Why Buy?

If you require uncomplicated Bluetooth headphones that sound great, durable, & give you the choice of wired listening, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is the gold standard of what’s in the market today.

Cowin SE7 ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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The Cowin SE7 is a closed headphone with normal mixed-use. They have a new build that feels superior to the Cowin E7 and E7 Pro. They’re also slightly cozier than the previous models.

Design and Features

These Cowin headphones have an excellent build quality than lots of other Cowin headphones. The cups feel tight and robust enough to survive some accidental falls without too much damage. A thin sheet of metal is used to fortify the headband & remains pliable enough.

The protein ear cushions are soft and cozy for your ears. Also, the availability of apt X makes the sound quality very enjoyable and transparent. Its wireless connection makes it very simple. The model SE7 has a fantastic sound performance equipped with the AptX Hi-Fi function.

The headphones have low latency, exceptional error tolerance, first-class sound quality. The 90dB provides an intense, powerful & crisp sound and also makes your listening experience substantially better. The music is crystal clear and calm, so listening to songs when you’re in heavy traffic is a lot more relaxing.

With Bluetooth 5.0 and a microphone, the SE7 headphone stands out from the pack. What’s more? Users have full control of their headphones. You can easily control the sound & other functions on your Android and Apple phones.

Thanks to wireless connectivity, hearing is also completely stress-free. For each charge, you get 30 hours of playtime in Bluetooth & active noise cancellation mode and 50 hours of playtime in Bluetooth mode. Your SE7 headphone can play for a long time.

  • Active noise canceling
  • AptX wireless 5.0 Bluetooth
  • Built-in microphone
  • 40mm driver
  • 15m Bluetooth transmission range
  • Dimension: 7.48 x 6.3 x 2.95 inches
  • Weighs 9.5 ounces
  • 30 hours Bluetooth & ANC mode, 50 hours Bluetooth mode


  • Good sound quality
  • Active noise suppression
  • Durable battery life
  • No delay in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in microphones of high quality


  • The headband may not be appropriate for all head size
  • Attaching these headphones could be a problem

Why Buy?

It’s more comfortable, also adjustable, and has a much better microphone performance. And the enormous battery life makes the already quite reliable pair of headsets even more valuable.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-Ear Headphones

beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-Ear Headphone with Sound Personalization - Black
  • Mobile Bluetooth headphones that adapt acoustically to the user's own personal sense of hearing thanks to integrated sound personalization and thus deliver perfect sound no matter what device
  • Optimum sound quality thanks to tesla technology with ultimate efficiency and top-class Bluetooth transmission (Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC)
  • Personal touch with the beyerdynamic MIY app: create a sound profile, adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad, track daily listening habits -all with ultimate ease
  • Boasting a battery runtime of more than 30 hours , intuitive operation using the Touchpad integrated in the right ear cup as well as high-quality hands-free microphone for phone calls
  • Stylish design for on the go thanks to high-quality materials and top-class workmanship, made in Germany, also available in Black or Brown

Beyerdynamic is a German audio production company. And as with any other product manufactured in Germany, you can expect outstanding build quality coupled with classic and practical designs. The Aventho Wireless headphones have a sleek, cozy design, robust on-ear controls, and an app that adjusts the sound to your personal listening preferences.

Design and Features

The supra-aural (on-ear) design of the headphone is available in black or brown with silvery highlights. The ear cushions & headband are packed with richly padded memory foam enclosed with a leather-like substance; the fit is unusually comfortable. The left earcup carries the Beyerdynamic logo, while all controls and connectors are on the right earcup.

In each earcup, Beyerdynamic uses a Tesla transducer that delivers audio in wired mode over a frequency range of approximately 10Hz-40 kHz. Bluetooth 4.2 and the aptX HD codec can be used for premium wireless streaming.

A touch-sensitive control panel occupies the entire outer surface of the right earcup. Here you can manage playback, track navigation, volume, voice command, & call management with various blends of taps or swipes. Beyerdynamic has done an excellent job of making these controls simple, intuitive, and responsive.

They deliver beautiful, clear mid-range frequencies, while the bass remains tight and the treble radiantly bright. The drivers are also capable of distinguishing between various low frequencies, making them perfect for any audiophile who wants to experience absolute immersion in the music.

The earcups do an excellent job with some noise isolation, but there is no active noise suppression.

The Aventho offers a playback time of just over 30 hours, which is on par with the Sony WH-100XM3. A USB-C charging port can be found on the external panel of the right earcup; it also includes a charging cable. The headphones also come with a removable audio cord for wired listening.

Furthermore, Beyerdynamic offers a stylish, softly padded carrying case with drawstring, in which everything easily fits the earcups can be pivoted for flat storage. They can be fully charged within two hours using the USB-C quick charger.

  • 30 hours of playback
  • aptX HD
  • USB-C charging
  • 5mm jack


  • Good battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Large low-end differentiation
  • Great construction quality
  • Rich, well-defined audio performance
  • The sound signature can be adjusted based preference
  • Comfortable


  • No noise suppression
  • Expensive
  • Flaky software

Why Buy?

The Aventho wireless headphones look good, feel great, and provide a solid sound experience. The app is also great.

TaoTronics TT-BH085 ANC Headphones

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When shopping for the best AptX Bluetooth headphones, you’d want to adopt a balanced approach. While you’d be on the lookout for a product that exceeds your expectations, you’d also want to avoid an audio device that seems too good to be true. Fortunately, the TaoTronics TT-BH085 headphones offer you all you need, boasting ANC tech and many other premium features.

Design and Features

When we look at the features and specs of these headphones as a whole, we see that the ANC option is what steals the show. It’s also cool to find functions like Bluetooth 5.0, replaceable ear cups, and USB-C charging in this sort of cheap product.

The majority of headphones that retail at a price less than $60 seem fragile as if they’re built to fall apart. However, the TT-BH085s will serve you for long if you take proper care of them.

They’re lightweight and also comfortable to use for long listening sessions. While these headphones have slightly cheap and plasticky build, they’re collapsible. They operate via either Bluetooth or AUX cable.

Also, the audio device has inbuilt volume buttons for skipping tracks when they’re double-pressed. The TaoTronics’ battery lasts around 20–25 hours with ANC and Bluetooth on, which is good enough for the majority of wearers.

However, the maker says when you turn off ANC, you can double the 20-hour battery life to almost 40 hours.

Also, if you utilize ANC over a wired connection, you get to enjoy roughly 40 hours of a listening session. The headphones don’t make use of any battery life when both ANC and Bluetooth are off.

As regards the sound quality of the unit, this is decent but nothing extraordinary. While the headset is slightly muddy, its bass and treble response are moderate. Besides, they can be quite loud. These are not surprising coming from such a cheap product.

  • Advanced ANC tech
  • Hi-Fi audio sound with deep bass
  • 40-hour playtime with fast charging support
  • Customizable comfort & super-lightweight design
  • Hassle-free calls with excellent voice clarity


  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Feature removable and replaceable ear pads
  • Offer both wired and wireless listening
  • USB-C charging


  • Build quality looks cheap
  • Active noise cancelation mode brings about a bit drop in sound quality

Why Buy?

The TaoTronics TT-BH085 is a quality pair of ANC headphones that has some decent features and specs.

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds, Diamond-Inspired Drivers, Bluetooth Earphones, 4 Mics, Noise Reduction, 28H Playtime, HearID, Bluetooth 5, Wireless Charging, for Calls, Home Office
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Diamond-Inspired Sound: Inspired by the ultra-hard structure of diamonds, Liberty Air 2’s driver domes maintain their rigidity even when vibrating at high frequencies. Music is reproduced with a 15% larger frequency bandwidth for clear treble and 2× more bass.
  • Perfect for Home Offices: Each earbud is equipped with two microphones and cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology. Environmental noises are reduced by 60%, while 95% of your voice is retained so you sound louder and clearer on the other end.
  • Up to 28 Hours of Playtime*: A single charge gives you a full 7 hours of listening, while the charging case extends it to 28 hours of playtime. And when the case needs a power boost, simply set it down on a wireless charger.
  • HearID Technology: Take the test to create a custom set of EQ settings that are optimized for your ears. HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.

The Liberty Air 2 surpasses our expectations when it comes to the kind of performance cheap true wireless earbuds should provide.

Design and Features

At their affordable price, these Anker earbuds are well built. While it’s a 100% plastic construction right from the earbuds to their case, it does look and feel amazing.

The case has minimal flaws. Looking at the soft-touch matte finish, you might be tricked into thinking the unit is a more expensive product. Still, the finish ensures the headphones are a pleasure to use.

It’s easy to flip the lid open/closed, which can be done with only one hand. Also, the earbuds are well-fitting in their respective cutouts.

Be wary of the fact that the case will open up should it fall on the ground. In the bottom of the case lie a USB-C input as well as a manual Bluetooth pairing function. But in the front, there are 3 LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for communicating the remaining battery status clearly.

The Anker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 firmware that offers optimum connection stability & power consumption. The connection consistency works seamlessly both indoors and outdoors within a designated 10m (32.8ft) wireless range.

Focusing on sound quality, though the frequency response isn’t accurate, it sounds pleasant for casual listening. This kind of response puts an emphasis on something identical to the “equal loudness” curves that are more commonly noticed in those headphones that are less than $100 on the market.

Even though there’s an emphatic bass exaggeration, you’d find that midrange frequencies are quite accurately relayed, and that’s cool. But bass notes are 2 or 3 times louder than mids. This causes auditory masking.

Auditory masking takes place when a loud sound makes it difficult to hear a comparatively quiet one.

Apart from that, passive isolation is remarkable as external sounds such as outside traffic and background chatter are rendered 50% less loud with unit than without it. If you’re a commuter, you’ll find this feature quite useful, especially if you don’t want to shell out a huge sum to get high-end noise-canceling true wireless earbuds.

Furthermore, the batteries last 7 hours and 5 minutes with a single charge. That’s a major improvement over its predecessor, the SoundCore Liberty Air.

  • Diamond-inspired sound
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • 28-hour playtime
  • HearID tech


  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Great microphone quality
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0, AptX, and AAC
  • Decent battery life
  • Instant wireless charging
  • Mono listening
  • Auto-ear detection for auto-pause
  • Offers customizable controls


  • Lacks Bluetooth multipoint
  • Doesn’t have auto-resume option
  • Touch controls could sometimes be unreliable

Why Buy?

This product is ideal for general consumers, commuters, athletes, and hands-free callers.

Boltune BT-BH024

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The Boltune BT-BH024s are also among the best aptX Bluetooth headphones on the market.

Design and Features

Like the BT- BH023, its predecessor, the BT-BH024 sports an Air Pod style shape, though the feature a bit more flashy look, adorned with grey accents on a black background. The headset sits extremely deeply in the ear canals to provide you with an excellent and secure fit with a lot of noise isolation.

Just like its previous model, this unit also requires the proper set of earphone tips. So, you’ll need to check for the best fit your ears among the 3 sets available. In the rear section of these earbuds, we’ve smooth touch controls positioned on the grey back panel.

With these controls, you can raise and reduce the volume, play and play music, pick and end phone calls, and also skip tracks. The BT- BH024 earbuds are also armed with IPX8 water protection, just like its older siblings.

This unit features robust water-protection tech, one of the best out there, making the audio appliance perfect for use while swimming. Its charging case is a tad bigger, measuring 2.95 inches wide, 1.54 inches deep, and 1.14 inches thick.

Still, it is very much portable, making it pocket-friendly and convenient to move around with. Its edges are rounded and soft for comfort.

The shell looks a bit awkward, and in its stead, there’s plastic finish with a unique grey cloth finish, making the in-ear headphones even softer and more comfortable to transport, but difficult to clean.

With respect to sound quality, the buds come with a robust QCC3026 chip. Also, they’ve support for the APTX codec, allowing for surprisingly low latency, which makes them ideal for watching movies.

The EQ is significantly more balanced compared with what we’ve on the previous models. Instead of solid bass emphasis, there’s equal emphasis across the board. While this isn’t the best for a dance track, it sounds great for other genres, like classic or country music.

The sound quality is not only wide but also nice, and there’s a lot of separation among various vocals as well as instruments.

  • Impeccable Stereo sound
  • Crystal-clear phone calls
  • 42-hour playtime
  • Touch control with Smart Pause


  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Cool sound
  • IPX8 water-resistant
  • Nice value for your money
  • Features USB-C charging port
  • Click controls on earphones


  • Charging case is slightly too bulky

Why Buy?

Considering the different decent features this unit packs, it’s no doubt of the best aptX Bluetooth headphones on the market.

Some Things to Note about the Best aptX Bluetooth Headphones

What’s AptX?

When buying headphones, particularly at a very high price, it’s vital to purchase headphones that are future-proof. This is where aptX comes into play.

aptX is an audio codec specifically designed for Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

It enables a much lower latency connecting the aptX device and your headphone. This capability solves a problem that many inexpensive wireless headphones have.

In the 1980s, Dr. Stephen Smyth created the original aptX algorithm as part of his Ph.D research. This was done at Queen’s University Belfast School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Like all other Bluetooth audio codecs, aptX makes use of compression on the audio before sending it. And the device on the receiving end (which could be your headphones or other speakers) will decompress it as it’s playing.

It’s crucial to compressing the data and sending it since Bluetooth doesn’t have the ability to stream stereo audio at a fast-enough rate to send raw data, which would still have nice sound quality. Apart from that, the aptX codec was built for reducing latency. Latency represents the amount of time, which passes between sending the audio as well as hearing it.

Latency isn’t important when you’re listening to music because there might be a slightly significant delay between your smartphone and headphones, and you wouldn’t even detect it. However, if you were watching a movie or a video, you’d no doubt notice it.

What’s aptX HD?

This is an evolution of aptX, which is much more common than its HD variant. aptX has been around since the 1980s. However, it’s now owned by Qualcomm, — the company that produces the Snapdragon processing chips in most Android smartphones.

aptX transmits music in ‘CD-like’ 16-bit/44.1kHz quality.

However, as it’s compressed, it can’t technically be regarded as “CD-quality”. And the compression is done to ensure latency stays at an absolute minimum during wireless transmission to headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

If you seek better sound quality via Bluetooth, then consider going for aptX HD. This is a new technology introduced in 2016 to provide you with higher quality streaming. It supports HD audio up to 24-bit/48kHz.

aptX HD, Qualcomm says, feature “better-than-CD” sound quality and has the ability to also enhance the sound of standard resolution music files.

Apart from that, aptX HD has also been created for improving the signal-to-noise ratio. This means you should be able to perceive even the most intricate of details in the music songs you’re listening to.

Efficiency Is the Key

When you’re streaming movies on a website like Netflix, here’s what happens: The sound lingers behind the picture.

These occur due to high latency, time the audio requires to compress, encode, send into the headphones & delivered into the ears. AptX executes all this a lot more efficiently than traditional SBC connections.

SBC, the standard audio compression codec, can compress and stream music at about 320 kbps. If you’re a standard consumer that just listens to music occasionally, you may not observe the differences in-between the 320kbps and higher codecs like FLAC.

More data translates to better sound

AptX can compact and stream audio up to 420kbps, which means that some additional data/detail are preserved. When songs are compressed, some frequencies are cut out of the mix. aptX is only found on Qualcomm chipsets, which means it’s not present on any IOS devices. Apple offers its solution with the AAC codec. It’s the same as aptX.

Devices with aptX HD Support

To exploit the benefits and perks that aptX HD offer, you’ll have to make sure your device supports it. Such units will feature the CSR8675 Bluetooth audio system-on-chip (SoC), which can support 24-bit audio from end-to-end.

When aptX HD was first released, only a handful of devices supported it. However, these days, more brands are now joining the train with higher quality streaming.

To see the full list of smartphones (both old and new) with aptX HD support, visit the aptX official website.

Here are some headphones that come with aptX HD support:

  • Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless
  • Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT
  • Audio Technica ATH-DSR9BT
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless
  • LG Tone Platinum
  • Denon AH-GC25W
  • Meters OV-1B
  • Nuraphone Nuraloop
  • PSB M4U 8
  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2
  • Sony WH-1000MX3
  • Sony WH-1000MX2

Also, check out the full list of supported headphones on the aptX official website.

Wrapping up

aptX is an audio codec, which was specifically developed for Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It allows for a much lower latency when connecting the aptX device and your headset.

As for aptX HD, it’s an evolution of aptX that is much more commonly used than its HD version. aptX has been in use for over 35 years.

To enjoy the benefits that aptX HD provides, it’s necessary your device has support for it. Above, we’ve reviewed the 7 best aptX Bluetooth headphones and also listed out some headphones that are compatible with the aptX HD variant.