When shopping for earbuds, a number of factors influence your buying decision. These include your preferences such as taste, style, budget, in addition to other things such as the earbud’s design, comfort, price, durability, etc. Among all these factors, price is one of the most important.

Top-of-the-line earbuds — equipped with a variety of the premium features and specs — don’t come cheap, and if they’re adorned with exquisite materials targeted at fashionistas, they could even be pricier.

If you’re looking to buy a high-end pair of in-ear headphones that come with an elegant, ostentatious design, in this post, we present you with the 7 most expensive earbuds.

Top Most Expensive Earbuds – Our Top Picks

Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition

Happy Plugs 7727 Earbuds Gold
  • Gold plated connector right-angled 3.5 mm gold plated connector for a high-quality connection stereo sound.
  • Compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung and more.
  • Microphone and remote Talk and control your music and calls
  • Audio 14,8 MM handmade drivers , frequency response 20 HZ-20KHZ , impedance 32+15% , sensitivity 110+3DB , max input power 10MW
  • In the box Earbuds with Remote and Mic and a user manual

The gold plated Happy Plugs are the most expensive earbuds on the market. Adorned with 18-carat solid gold, this product was handmade by a Swedish goldsmith, and processing the earbuds with the use of roughly 25g of gold for each earbud lasts almost 5 weeks.

The earphones, unlike the other gold-plated headsets with unique styles & embellished with diamonds occasionally, look pretty much stock except for the ridiculously high price tag.


These earbuds from Happy Plugs are the perfect everyday accessory, which you can mix & match with your selected outfit for the day. Simply add some color to your best outfit and you’re good to go, whether it’s a stylish night out or a stroll in the park.

Just like functionality, style is also essential, and these Happy Plugs perform remarkably well in both areas. They offer you a relaxed fit and also let you stay aware of your surroundings. Further, they’re compatible with a lot of smartphones, along with tabs. Also, they feature a built-in microphone as well as remote.


  • Mic & remote Talk for controlling your music and phone calls
  • 5 mm gold-plated connector right-angled for a top-quality connection stereo sound
  • Compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, TECNO, Nokia, Infinix, Android, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and lots more
  • Audio, 14.8-millimeter handmade drivers
  • Sensitivity, 110+3DB
  • Frequency response, 20 HZ-20KHZ
  • Maximum input power, 10 megawatts
  • Impedance, 32+15%
  • Connectivity technology, wired

Sold at a whopping $14,500, the earbuds are among the priciest headphones we’ve ever come across. Considering the fact that each earbud is designed using 25g of 18-carat gold (50 grams of gold in total), the crazy price tag of this product can partly justified.

That shows they’re really a heavy set of earphones or a piece of jewelry. Fortunately, if you wouldn’t like to spend a fortune to buy a gold earphone, the Swedish maker also has a gold-colored model that goes for only $30.

The expensive Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition provides your stylish everyday life with a whole new headphone experience, with jewelry and sound combined in a single package. With this pair, you can make a fashion statement as you enjoy cool vibes with high-performance audio.

With the built-in headset cable, mic & remote button, you can take calls and control your music smoothly with any smartphone or tab.


  • Mic & remote Talk for controlling your music and phone calls
  • Elegant and exquisite design
  • Compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung and more


  • Sound quality could be better

Why Buy?

These Happy Plugs Earbuds are ideal for use as your everyday accessory, which can be blended and matched with your chosen outfit for the day.

iDiamond EARBUDS

The iDiamond earbuds are also one of the world’s most expensive earbuds. They retail at a whopping $6400. But this huge price tag isn’t a reflection of superior sound quality.

Design and Features

The earbuds are so expensive because their design is studded with 18 karat gold and over 200 diamonds. The earphones are simply normal, flat-surfaced earbuds, though a lot of people regard them as gimmicky.

They are produced by Thomas Heyerdahl, who’s a jeweler from Norway, the same man that designed the most expensive iPod ever, using a normal iPod Shuffle that is sold for $49, and decking it out with $40,000 worth of gold as well as diamonds. This resulted in the birth of the iDiamond iPod Shuffle.

These earbuds from iDiamond were produced in 2008, and only around 1000 pieces were created and sold. Each pair comes with a number, allowing buyers to verify their originality. They were only sold in high-end jewelry shops, and all the units have been sold out.


  • Nifty, opulent design
  • Perfect for fashionistas


  • Not so durable

Why Buy?

Made by Heyerdahl jewelry, these iDiamond in-ears are built with 18 karat of gold and more than 200 diamonds.

Ultimate Ear Personal Reference Monitors

We next have the Ultimate Ear Personal Reference Monitors (UE PRMs), with some of their key features being the wood veneers and detachable braided cable that has different color options.

Apart from these, the packaging of a metallic black case is also another point of attraction that buyers will find hard to resist. In these earbuds, you’re guaranteed nice looks and quality.

Design and Features

The UE PRMs are equipped with balanced armature drivers. We only have 5 drivers on each earbuds, and the drivers are made with 2 for mid-range, 2 for bass, in addition to the last one for treble. The layout ensures spacious, airy, and remarkably accurate sound offering extremely high noise isolation.


  • Great sound quality
  • Superb noise isolation
  • Sound customization


  • Pricey

Why Buy?

If you seek customizable sound to your taste, then you will probably be aware that such doesn’t come cheap. And the UE PRMs are no exception. These earbuds cost about $2,000. Apart from sound customization, you can also pick your favorite color.

If you want a customized fit, you’ve to see an audiologist that will examine your ear canals and then design the earphone tips, which will fit your ears perfectly, ensuring that you enjoy the most comfortable wear.

Astell & Kern Layla in-Ear Monitors by Jerry Harvey Audio

Astell&Kern Layla in-Ear Monitors by Jerry Harvey Audio - 12 Drivers per Channel, 4th Order Crossover, and Carbon Fiber Housing
  • 【High CAPACITY POWER BANK Big capacity external battery, smaller and lighter, easy to carry can charge your smart phones almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 six times .
  • 【LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY The portable charger is equipped with LCD digital screen, show remaining power in digital format for you convenient to know when the charger is fully charged and how much power is available.
  • 【ULTRA FAST CHARGING】 Upgrade charging chip makes charging fast, it will take about 10 hours to charge it fully if you use original cable or adapter (5V, 2A), come with two USB ports, 2A output current, you can charge 2 devices at the same time, saving your time.
  • 【SMART PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY】 The power bank is with advanced smart protection system, over charging, over voltage, over current, over heating and short circuit protection, making your charging safer.
  • 【NO RISK PURCHASE】 100% high quality and satisfaction , 24 months . Friendly customer service support, feel free to contact us if you have any problems with our power bank.

While the Astell & Kern Layla in-Ear Monitors might not have diamonds, they feature excellent sound quality and good fitting, making them a superb product. As expected, top-quality products have a high price tag, and these earbuds by Jerry Harvey Audio also toe the same path with the device going for $1699.


They’re lightweight earphones that fit snugly and are extremely comfortable, built with a special custom fit for providing you with excellent noise isolation. This good fit also ensures they don’t fall off your ears.

They work almost like a noise canceler because when you wear them, you don’t hear anything else, and you’ll also realize how important fitting is. Further, this equally protects your ears since you won’t have any need to crank up the volume.

The earbuds are named after the Layla, which is among the most popular songs by Eric Clapton & his band Derek and the Dominos. The song, which was released in 1970, stayed on the Billboard charts for seventy-seven weeks.


  • All-new proprietary driver designs
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Soundrive Technology (Quad Driver Tech)
  • Variable BASS output
  • Adjustable cable
  • Stainless steel tube waveguide

Not only does the JH Audio Laya provide you with a custom fit, but it also offers custom sounds. Also, the frequency response overall ranges are adjustable, allowing you to select the sound you want to enhance in a bid to match your preferences, such as taste.

Also, the bass can be adjusted for both depth and impact. The in-ear monitor makes use of 4 balanced armature drivers for lows, mids as well as highs.

In total, there are 12 drivers incorporated on each earpiece, which gives you the widest frequency response possible.

The earbuds’ sound comes out transparently in the best way possible as it delivers dynamic and high-resolution sound. Also, we’ve 4-pin cable connection with Machined Aluminum Collar mechanism, ensuring a more secure and robust connection with your earpiece. This capability also enables the protection of the earbuds from sweat and dust.


  • All-new proprietary driver designs
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Soundrive Technology (Quad Driver Tech)
  • Variable BASS output
  • Adjustable cable
  • Stainless steel tube waveguide


  • As a result of their size, it can be difficult keeping them solidly anchored in the ears while on the move

Why Buy?

The Astell & Kern Layla in-Ear Monitors provide you with excellent sound quality and good fitting — features that make them a superb product.

AKG K3003 Earbuds

AKG K3003i Reference Class In-Ear Headphones
  • Reference class sound in the world's smallest 3 way system.Connections 3.5 millimeter mini jack adapter. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Hybrid technology. One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • AKG offers a two year warranty on valid purchases from authroized dealers
  • Genuine leather travel case

The AKG K3003 Earbuds are a brainchild of an Australian Company that utilizes a 3-way Hybrid Driver in the audio device, delivering a frequency range from 10 – 30HZ. This makes the earphones unique and a great option as one of the most expensive earbuds on the market.


The price of these in-ear headphones is exorbitant, and for that sort of cash, you’d want to anticipate a nifty design matched with spectacular build quality.

Fortunately, the K3003s live up to the expectations here, with each earbud machined out of a single piece of stainless steel, making them significantly sturdier in comparison with headphones designed using plastic shells.


The sound quality of this headset is superb. To make its cable feel very strong, the lower half of this cable is wrapped in fabric. Also, the cable slides over itself very easily, and this ensures it’s tangle-free. If you notice that they become knotted in your pockets, you can easily get them undone with a few gentle tugs.

Since the fabric ends at the point in which it splits into 2 to move into your ears, what you’ve left instead is the more usual thin, rubber cabling. While this doesn’t feel any more flimsy compared with other headsets, looking at the high cost of the device, burlier cabling would have been a better option all the way up.

You’ll find, on the right channel cable, a 3-button in-line remote, which is designed using more of that likeable brushed steel. You’ll press the top and bottom to adjust the volume, while tapping the central button pauses/skips tracks.

With those media controls just under your face, you’ll find the headset extremely easy to use, especially if you dislike taking your phone out of the pocket to skip a track. However, they’re only compatible with iPhones and a couple of iPods. You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking to play with Spotify on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus or similar mobile devices.

Also, the remote works as a microphone, an option that turns the expensive headphones into a similarly pricey hands-free headset. If you wear it while taking a walk around the roads in your area or anywhere at all, you’ll find that it would do a great job of cancelling out the ambient noise coming from traffic, from tourists. But that doesn’t mean the headphones are perfect. One of its cons is, if a roaring ambulance or truck passes by, you’ll need to repeat yourself while on a call.


  • Attractive and sturdy design
  • Features an in-line remote that works as a hands-free headset
  • Superb sound quality


  • Too high pricing
  • Noise isolation could be better considering the price

Why Buy?

The AKG K3003 Headphones provide you with a stunning, balanced sound, in addition to an elegant and sturdy design. Considering the exciting features and specs of the headset, you’ll agree with us that they’re easily one of the most expensive earbuds worthy of mention, which we can recommend for you despite their high price.

GYMAN Wireless Magnetic Earbuds Sports Earphones

If you’re shopping for a pair of cool wireless sport headphones, The GYMAN Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds Sports Earphones are an excellent choice.


The earbuds’ design — unlike your traditional and circular earphones — is defined by the ear’s geometry, making them more comfortable for a greater variety of users compared with any other headphones.

They offer you 2 secure & comfortable wearing options, ensuring that no matter how hard you work out, they’ll stay in place. You can also keep going irrespective of the kind of weather with the earphones.

The design is athletically-inspired, which helps the headphones stay firmly in place, allowing you to work out harder and for longer. When you’re on the move, the inline mic enables you to easily pick calls.


  • Stronger protection from sweat, water
  • A lightweight design, weighing only 15.5 grams, to keep you comfortable
  • Richer and deeper bass tones
  • Let you control volume by simply pressing the + and – buttons
  • Let you pick & end phone calls
  • Battery indicator, High-Performance Lithium Polymer battery
  • Feature an extended battery life of up to 7 hours, ensuring the Cozypony CSR8645 earphones comfortably outlast even the longest workout or training session

This audio device offers you richer and deeper bass tones, delivering superb sound quality. The inline mic works seamlessly to allow you to pick and end calls while on the go during your training session.


  • Excellent volume controls
  • Great design and good fit


  • The earpieces aren’t magnetic as claimed

Why Buy?

The GYMAN Wireless Headphones are a cool product, perfect to serve as your companion during workouts and training sessions.

Shure SE846 Wireless Earphones

Shure SE846-CL-A Sound Isolating Earphones (International Version)
  • Note this version of the product is from another country
  • This international version does not include a warranty in the US
  • This products is materially the same as the US version, but the packaging is different

One of the most expensive earbuds, we next have the Shure SE846 Wireless Earphones. When you’re shopping for earbuds, it’s better you opt for a pair based on sound quality instead of customization of sound or fit. Considering this point, the Shure SE846s are among the supercars of personal audio.


With the accessories included in this package, you get to enjoy the best fitting & listening experience. This product has tri-flange silicon eartips, volume adapter, foam tips, a cable clip, removable cable, along with a nozzle removal key. These earbuds are durable since they’re built to last with a rugged cable. This durability, however, makes them slightly heavy.

If you want a custom fit, you have to see an audiologist that will ensure that they fit properly in your ears and block all ambient noise. Also, the audiologist will scan your ears, after which the custom earbuds will be 3D printed in a bid to provide you with the luxury of the most custom fit feasible.


  • 4 high-definition drivers help in providing extended high-end clarity as well as unrivaled low-end performance to deliver a state-of-the-art listening experience
  • Has 3-button inline remote and mic that offer seamless control for voice commands, calls, and other easily accessible activities such as volume & music playback
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 that pairs smoothly with nearly all smartphones, tabs, and laptops with 10 meters (30 feet) of range
  • Has up to 10 hours of battery life
  • With Multi-point pairing, you can pair up to 2 devices between multiple sources and media as you switch from office listening to on-the-go listening
  • The sound Isolating design has fit kit that comes with different sleeves for custom fit, blocking up to 37 decibels of outside noise, enabling immersive listening regardless of where you’re
  • There’s adjustable frequency response for customizable sound signatures, in addition to removable metal nozzle & adjustable nozzle inserts (with balanced, warm, and bright selections included)
  • 3-way system configuration to bring about dedicated low, mid & high frequency distribution.
  • Innovative low-pass filter, offering the hitherto unattainable deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer, and not at the expense of clarity or detail

These headphones offer you a sound performance at incredibly good quality, which you can also adjust to suit your preference simply by changing the nozzle pieces (called audio filters). The low-end filter makes sure that the sub-bass is well extended and also quite rumbling.

The Shure SE846 comes with different features (such as 4 HD drivers, a customizable frequency response, an innovative low-pass filter for genuine subwoofer performance), showing that they’re built to give you a perfectly tailored listening experience.

Overall, the sound quality of the earphones is not only well balanced but also incredibly detailed.

They’ve comfortable sound isolating sleeves that can block up to 37 decibels of ambient noise. Also, the sound isolation tech prevents outside noise from affecting your listening experience, whether you’re on the move or onstage. These sound isolating earphones need an adequate fit for achieving sound of optimum quality.

They feature an innovative detachable cable system, which brings multiple connectivity options for long-term device compatibility, upgrades as well as flexibility. They pair smoothly with any Bluetooth device. Or you can plug them directly in with options for iOS and Android.


  • Attractive and comfortable design
  • Impeccable sound quality
  • Robust ANC


  • Pricey

Why Buy?

The Shure SE846 Wireless Earphones are a likeable option if you’re a true audiophile or musician. Even if you’re not, they’re still a decent audio gadget to check out.

Wrapping up

A recap of all what we’ve discussed in the heart of today’s review article, here are the 7 most expensive earbuds, along with their prices.

When you’re looking to buy earbuds, different factors influence your purchasing decision, including your preferences such as taste, style, budget. Others like the earbud’s design, comfort, price, durability can also either convince or discourage you to choose a particular product.

Of all these factors, we can’t downplay the effect of pricing. Top-of-the-line earbuds, which are armed with a slew of premium features and specs — don’t come cheap. And when they’re adorned with exquisite materials targeted at fashionistas, their price could even go rise significantly. To buy a high-end pair of in-ear headphones, you can make your pick from the options we reviewed above.

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