There are different ways to enjoy your show time in comfort without disturbing others. A pair of earbuds might just be all you need to watch car chases & concerts at full volume, without waking your neighbors.

One issue you might notice when making use of wireless earbuds with your TV is a lag between the content you see on the screen and the one you hear. While this is a minor problem, it could be pesky, and it’s caused by latency. Latency represents the time the sound takes to travel from the source to your headphones.

Fortunately, Bluetooth codecs come with steadily improved latency and have fixed this kind of issues. The latest version of Bluetooth (v.5.0) can achieve an excellent match between audio & video, with a 40m indoor range, in comparison with the 10m range in Bluetooth v.4.2.

You’ve to ensure that your television set can transmit audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. In this review article, we’re discussing 7 best earbuds for TV. Some of these headphones are wired, while others are wireless.

These are the devices we’ll be reviewing:

Top 7 Earbuds for Watching TV 2021

Avantree Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds for TV – NB16

Avantree NB16 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Earbuds for TV PC, No Delay, 20 Hrs Playtime Wireless Earphones with Mic, Magnetic, Light & Comfortable, Compatible with iPhone Cell Phones, Workout Gym
  • 【INTEGRATED MAGNETS & INLINE REMOTE】Magnets keep earbuds together when not in use, ensuring wires are tangle-free and out of the way. Easily answer calls and control your music using the convenient inline remote.
  • 【EXTENDED PLAY TIME】High capacity rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous talk / music play time. Whether working out, watching TV or traveling there's no need to worry about constantly charging!
  • 【ENJOY TV WITH NO LIP SYNC DELAY】Works with Avantree bluetooth transmitters (Audikast and Oasis Plus) to virtually eliminate audio delay when watching TV. Use as second headphone for the HT4186 set to simultaneously stream to 2 earbuds with no audio lag.
  • 【COMFORTABLE & SECURE】Lightweight neckband headphones with Flex-Form cable providing a customized fit so comfortable, you'll forget you have them on! Includes a selection of different sized earbud tips and wingtips for proper secure fitment. *Note: if you have small ears and none of the earbud tips fit you, please contact our support team for XS earbud tips.
  • 【PREMIUM SOUND】Bluetooth chipset delivers Hi-Fidelity and rich sound for music and great clarity for voice. The NB16 is specifically designed for watching TV to emphasize mid and high tones. If you are a bass enthusiast or your primary use is music, please kindly consider before purchasing.

The Avantree NB16 Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds for TV come with premium sound for videos, music & calls. It’s equipped with a Bluetooth chipset that delivers Hi-Fidelity and rich sound to make your TV watching/music listening experience outstanding.


The earbuds have a lightweight design at just 28 grams with a flex-form fitting neckband. This is a set you can forget you’re even wearing. You can personalize your earbuds by choosing from a selection of 2 different ear hook sizes to achieve a secure and no-slip fit.

The device features a magnetic design with discreet magnets, which keep the earbuds together when they’re not in use, making sure that they can be accessed easily. And the wires are tangle-free and won’t get in the way.


  • Let you enjoy TV without lip Sync delay
  • Integrated magnets and Inline remote
  • Magnets ensure earbuds stay together when not in use to make wires tangle-free and ensure they don’t get in the way
  • The convenient inline remote lets you easily answer calls & control your music
  • Extended playtime
  • Powerful battery that lasts up to 20 hours of continuous talk or music playtime
  • Comfortable & secure design
  • Feature ergonomic lightweight neckband with flex-form cable, providing a customized fit
  • Premium sound for TV watching, music & calls with the Bluetooth chipset delivering hi-fi & rich sound for your videos, music, and superb clarity for calls
  • Come with a selection of different-sized earbud tips & wingtips that offer additional fitting security

The NB16 packs a high-capacity rechargeable battery, which gives up to 20 hours of continuous talk or music playtime. Whether you’re watching TV, at the gym, or on a trip, you won’t have to worry about constantly charging.

The earbuds let you enjoy TV without lip-sync delay. They’re compatible with fast-stream transmitters from Avantree like Audikast, Priva III, and Oasis Plus, allowing you to virtually get rid of audio delay while watching TV or movies.

The headphones deliver premium sound for both music and calls with their Bluetooth chipset. They’ve in-line microphone and button control, which help you take phone calls easily and also control your music on-the-move via the inline remote. The inbuilt microphone brings improved voice pickup experience during your calls.

Also, the in-line microphone and button control help you adjust the volume directly on the button and talk over the mobile phone while moving around your home.


  • Allow you to enjoy TV without lip Sync delay
  • Comfortable & secure design
  • Offer extended playtime with a battery life of up to 20 hours


  • Not ideal for high-impact and rigorous sporting activities

Why Buy?

The Avantree NB16 Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds for TV are recommended as one of the best earbuds for TV on the market because they work with every Bluetooth-enabled devices, including your smartphone, tab, and others. They’re perfect for private watching TV (using their inbuilt Bluetooth or an external Bluetooth transmitter) without disturbing others.

They’re also great for use with Avantree fast stream transmitters (such as Audikast, Priva III, and Oasis Plus) for watching TV/movies without lip-sync delay. However, the NB16 is ideal for use with wireless transmitters from other manufacturers because utilizing different codecs could cause an audio delay. Also, the earbuds aren’t the best option for high-impact and rigorous sporting activities, such as cross-fit and the likes.

Avantree HT4186 Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV

Avantree HT4186 Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV Watching, Neckband Earphones Set w/ Bluetooth Transmitter for Optical Digital Audio, RCA, 3.5mm Aux Ported TVs, Plug & Play, No Audio Delay
  • [Hassle-Free Set Up] No need to go through the complex Bluetooth pairing process; simply plug the HT4186’s transmitter into a power source and your TV’s audio output port, power everything on, they’ll quickly connect with each other, and you should be good to go. Works brilliantly with older Non-Smart TVs as well.
  • [Universally Compatible] Thanks to Avantree HT4186’s Optical, AUX, and RCA input cables, it is universally compatible and works with all TVs on the market, smart or non-smart. With it, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite movies at your own volume; you’ll no longer have to turn the speaker volume way up and disturb your family or neighbors.
  • [No Lip-Sync Delay] With "FastStream" Bluetooth built-in, the HT4186 provides <40 ms audio latency – significantly lower and better than the 200+ ms of typical Bluetooth solutions on the market. With this feature, no matter what content you're watching, the audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized.
  • [Use them Separately] Want to use the 4186 earbuds with your phone? No problem! The earbuds are versatile and can function independently without the transmitter. It is designed with precision-engineered 40mm stereo drivers, delivering powerful yet steady audio quality while ensuring a smooth & dynamic listening experience.
  • [Add a 2nd Headphone] The HT4186 supports dual-link audio and allows you to add a 2nd pair of Bluetooth headphones to it. We highly recommend using a headphone that supports FastStream Bluetooth (e.g. Avantree Aria) for the best no-audio-lag experience. (Note: Audio may become off sync if you use a non-FastStream device).

The Avantree HT4186 Wireless Earbuds are also another audio device that enables you to watch TV and movies conveniently without constituting any disturbance to your family or neighbors.

Design and Features

  • With the Bluetooth transmitter set, no need to worry about pairing. Just switch both the transmitter and headphones on, and they’ll connect automatically, offering you a user-friendly audio experience.
  • Compatible with 99 per cent of TV’s on the marketplace — the HT4186 earbuds has support for Optical/ AUX and RCA Audio output without no extra wires getting in the way.
  • Built for the ultimate in versatility, the TV headset can be used as a set or independently.
  • No more delay as it features FastStream tech, allowing you to reduce Bluetooth delay and offering high-quality sound in perfect synchronization.
  • Featuring Bluetooth Class I tech, Audikast can transmit audio signals up to 30M or 100 feet.
  • With a battery life up to 20 hours, the HT4186 will last you through watching many movies or gaming sessions.

With the Plug & Play option, you only need put on Audikast (the Bluetooth transmitter) and the Bluetooth earphone (HT4186). They’ll automatically connect without the need to pair.

There’s no audio lag with these earbuds. You can use them to watch TV without a drag. They house a Qualcomm chipset, reducing the lag time to undetectable levels, allowing you to stream away without delay.

The HT4186 unit comes with support for 2 pairs of headphones for your audio pleasure. Please, note that the second pair of headphones will also require FastStream Codec support for making sure there’s no delay. (These models from Avantree all have FastStream support — ANC031, NB16, HS063, ANC032.)

The HT4186 has wide compatibility and doesn’t let wires get in the way. It’s support for digital optical TOSLINK, RCA audio outports, 3.5mm AUX, and work with TV almost all the time.

Also, the earbuds are ideal for gaming on your PC or laptop as they’ve support for digital USB audio output. You don’t have to get any extra AUX cables. The audio appliance is great for video games as FastStream codec has support for in-game music while talking.


  • Battery life up to 20 hours
  • Compatible with nearly all TV models on the marketplace
  • Versatile


  • Features limited volume, so not a good option for lovers of loud music

Why Buy?

The Avantree HT4186 Wireless Earbuds are packed with a variety of remarkable features, making them one of the best earbuds for TV.

SIMOLIO Digital Wireless Headphones for TV – SM 823D

SIMOLIO Digital Wireless Headphones for TV with Optical In, TV Hearing Assistance Devices, Wireless Earbuds for Hearing Impaired TV Listening, Wireless Headset for Smart TV, TV Sound Amplifier SM-823D
  • √ HEARING PROTECTION AND ASSISTANCE WIRELESS TV HEADPHONE - with voice clarify & noise reduction tech to reduce TV background sounds and make TV dialogues stand out. The auto signal control tech adjusts the sudden increasing volume to make the audio output stable, which prevents your hearing from being damaged by a sudden increase in TV volume. Compatible with optical,RCA & 3.5mm audio out connections. If TV's optical out is occupied by sound bar, you need an optical splitter for installation.
  • √ ADVANCED 2.4GHZ FHSS TECH,NO PAIRING OR DELAY, LONG DISTANCE TRANSMISSION - Wireless headphones for TV with 2.4GHz automatic FHSS tech promises superior sound reproduction and its strong signal can go through ceilings or walls, you can even walk around in your home to listen. The effective distance up to 100 feet. No need pairing, no lip-sync delay, no need sitting in front of the transmitter at a certain position, no interruption when people passing by.
  • √ CUSTOMIZE THE SOUND TO BEST FIT YOURSELF - People who have different sound frequency sensitiveness can select TONE(Treble/Normal/Bass) to find the optimum parameters, and hear the target audio source clearly. The balance control allows for right/left volume adjustment to hear equally well with both ears. You can switch to STEREO for enjoying Hi-Fi sound quality music or select MONO for enjoying more clear TV dialogues.
  • √ RECHARGEABLE & REPLACEABLE LI-BATTERY, PERSONAL SOUND AMPLIFIER FUNCTION - One full charge supports 5-7 hours continuously working depending on working condition, such as volume setting. The personal sound amplifier mode enables you to hear what people are talking to you nearby without taking off the tv wireless headphone.
  • √ WIRELESS TV EAR - BUDS WITH IMPRESSIVE DURABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY, CONSIDERATE DESIGN - it incorporates "memory stainless steel strips" at the headphone arms for adjusting to more comfortable shape. Super-soft and body-heat activated memory foam eartips and decompression hanger loops make you feel much more relaxing. NOTE: This wireless tv hearing assisted headphone are not available for pacemaker carrier.

The SIMOLIO Digital Wireless Headphones for TV are wireless TV earbuds, which are remarkably durable & flexible, with a considerate design and different fascinating features.

Design and Features

  • Hearing protection. The headphones are equipped with voice clarity & noise reduction technology for reducing TV background sounds and ensuring that TV dialogues are crystal-clear. With the auto signal control option, you can adjust the sudden increasing volume to bring about stability in the audio output, preventing your ears from getting damaged by a sudden increase in the volume of your TV.
  • This product works seamlessly with optical, RCA, and 3.5mm audio out connections.
  • You can customize the sound yourself to get the best fit. People with different sound frequency sensitiveness can pick tone (such as Treble or Normal or Bass) to realize the optimum parameters and enjoy clarity in your target audio source clearly. With the balance control, you can control the volume (right/left) to hear with the 2 ears equally well. Also, you can switch to STEREO to listen to Hi-Fi sound quality or choose MONO to listen to clearer TV dialogues.
  • The 2.4GHz FHSS tech ensures there’s no delay or any need for pairing and aids long-distance transmission. The SM 823D features 2.4GHz automatic FHSS system for superb sound reproduction. It makes sure the audio device’s wireless signal is strong — strong enough to go through walls or ceilings, allowing you to walk around in your home to listen. Also, the effective distance is up to 100ft. (about 30.5 meters). There’s no need for pairing. Also, you won’t encounter any lip-sync delay or any interruption when people are passing by. With these wireless earbuds, there’s no need to sit at a certain position in front of the transmitter.
  • Impressive durability & flexibility. The headphones’ design incorporates “memory stainless steel strips” at their arms to adjust to a more comfortable shape. The unit comes with super-soft & body-heat activated memory foam eartips, in addition to decompression hanger loops, which ensure that you feel much more relaxed.
  • Inbuilt replaceable & rechargeable Li-battery and by-pass feature. In a full charge, you can get 5–7 hours with the headset working continuously based on factors like your volume setting, etc. The MIC button is made to work as a unique by-pass tool. When you press this button, you’ll turn on personal sound amplifier mode, allowing you to hear what people are saying nearby without the need to take off the headset or wear a hearing aid.

The SIMOLIO SM-823D works well with the majority of TV models on the market. It has support for Optical, RCA as well as 3.5 mm/AUX audio outputs. As regards optical connection, please, verify that the audio format of your television set or any TV-related AV device is set to “PCM”.

Ensure the RCA ports carry the label, “AUDIO OUT/OUTPUT/AV OUT”, for RCA connection. Furthermore, for 3.5mm/AUX connection, we advise that you try it with a wired headphone to know if it’ll disable the TV’s internal speakers.

You’ve to buy an optical splitter for installation if your TV has only Optical audio out, occupied by a soundbar.


  • Hearing protection
  • Lets you customize the sound to get the best fit
  • Durable and flexible


  • A bit heavy

Why Buy?

The SIMOLIO SM-823D is a wireless headset that has a flexible and considerate design. It works well with nearly all TV models on the market.

LAKOCHE Premium Sound Wireless Earbuds

At $49.99, the LAKOCHE Premium Sound Wireless Earbuds are an affordable option to use with your TV.

Design and Features

  • Sound is enhanced with graphene. The 8-millimeter graphene speaker will provide you with realistic delivery of music and a high-res spectacular sound. The earbuds have deep bass & crystal crisp treble, enabling you to enjoy your music moments even in a noise environment.
  • IPX7 waterproof. Their inner nano-coating ensures that they’re waterproof for 1m deep for 1 hour, and it also allows them to be resistant to sweat, rain, and dust. These features make the earbuds an excellent option for sports, fitness, calls as well as music in the shower.
  • 7hrs of continuous playtime. The Airoha chips don’t have high power consumption, making the earbuds ideal for continuous use for 7 hours after charging them fully. The charging case, which has an inbuilt 2600mAh battery, could recharge the earbuds an additional fifteen times for a total of 90hrs of continuous music time. Also, this case also works as a battery pack for your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.
  • Auto-pairing & Bluetooth 5.0 with enhanced data rate. You only need to pair your earbuds once, and after that, every time you switch them on or open the case, they’ll automatically connect and pair with each other. Then, you’ll see only one Bluetooth name on the device (paired with). Bluetooth v.5.0 has a more stable connection.
  • Snug & secure ergonomic fit. Each LAKOCHE Premium earbud weighs 5 grams only and is built to fit comfortably for hours in the ears without falling. They give a great seal for improved sound quality. There’s a comfy button, which allows you to adjust volume, skip tracks, play/pause, answer calls, and invoke Siri, Alexa, Google. The model features 3 adjustable ear cup sizes and additional rubber rings ideal for heavy sports activities.

The earbuds’ volume won’t go higher than the volume set on your smartphone. Consider increasing the volume of the phone so you can have the leeway to adjust your earbuds’ volume. As regards the volume control of your TV via a Bluetooth transmitter, you’ll need to make use of your TV’s remote control to set the volume to your desired level, not but adjusting the volume of your earbuds.


  • Works seamlessly with Android, iPhone and all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • 7hrs of continuous playtime
  • Gives you 30 days money back and 1-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Sound is enhanced with graphene


  • The larger rubber tips need to be removed each time to charge the earbuds

Why Buy?

One of the 7 best earbuds for TV, these wireless headphones are a cheap option to use with your TV.

Giveet Wireless Headphones for TV

Giveet Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV Watching, Neckband Earphones Hearing Set w/Bluetooth Transmitter for RCA, 3.5mm Ported TVs, Ideal for Seniors & Hearing Impaired, Plug n Play, No Audio Delay
  • ➤【Conveniently Compatible】RCA/ AUX AUDIO OUT SUPPORTED FOR MOST TVS, NOT SUPPORT TV OPTICAl. Whether you are spinning albums on a record player, playing games on your PC or watching your favorite show on TV, our BTWH-035 offers the flexibility and compatibility with any device with AUX/3.5mm or RCA audio out port.
  • ➤【Plug & Play Wireless TV Headphones Transmitter Set】With our Bluetooth transmitter set, there is no need to worry about pairing. Simply turn on both the transmitter and Headphones and they will auto connect for the ultimate user friendly Audio experience.
  • ➤【No more delay】Featuring FastStream technology, this set allow you to binge watch your favorite series on TV, catch the highly anticipated game, or pop in your favorite video with high quality sound and in perfect synchronization. Add a 2nd pair of headphones to share movies with your family. (Note: For no lip sync delay, your 2nd headphone must also support the FastStream codec. )
  • ➤【Flexible use】Wireless Earbuds Z702 can be use outdoors with no burden due to its portable and lightweight feature, pair it with your phone then enjoy music and answer phone calls in super convenient way; Bluetooth transmitter BTI-035 is very suitable to be used as TV wireless transmitter and can deliver audio to any other Bluetooth speakers/headphones as well.
  • ➤【Stop Squabbles About Sound】Whether you are hard of hearing or just enjoy the full volume capacity of your favorite shows and games, our neckband earphones allows you full range of sound-without being constantly told to turn it down! Unlike other headphones, our Z702 features customized volume controls 20% louder than our competitors, making them ideal for the hearing impaired - and their families.

Featuring an inbuilt battery that lasts up to 16hrs of playtime, the Giveet Wireless Headphones for TV let you stream away, all day.

Design and Features

  • Plug & Play Set. Giveet’s Bluetooth transmitter set ensures you won’t need to worry about pairing. Just switch both the transmitter & headphones on, and they’ll connect automatically to give you unrivalled user-friendly audio experience.
  • With FastStream technology, there’s no more delay. The earbuds are equipped with FastStream tech, enabling you to binge-watch your best TV series or rivet in playing your favorite game with high-quality sound & in optimum synchronization. If you want to share movies with your family, you can also add a second pair of headphones. Your second headphone must also have support for the FastStream codec so that there’ll be no lip-sync delay.
  • Convenience and compatibility. This audio device is compatible and flexible with any device with AUX/3.5mm or RCA audio out port, whether you’re playing games on your laptop, spinning albums on a record player, or watching your best TV show.
  • User-friendliness. The neckband earphones give you a full range of sound without constantly getting told to turn it down. The earbuds are cool whether you’re hard of hearing or simply enjoy the full-volume capacity of your favorite shows on TV and video games. The headset, unlike other headphones, has customized volume controls, which are twenty per cent louder than the competition, which makes them perfect for the hearing impaired.
  • Flexible usage. The Giveet Wireless Headphones can be used outdoors conveniently as a result of their portable & lightweight design. You can easily pair them with your mobile phone to enjoy music and pick calls easily.


  • Plug & play support
  • Supports two types of audio output
  • Dual-link technology
  • No more delay
  • 33FT (10m) long-range with Class 2 Bluetooth technology
  • Playtime up to 16 hours


  • All the USB charging cables provided are USB & micro plugs (micro plugs can be frustrating for older users)
  • There’s no mute button
  • Charging the headset needs a USB port on the PC because there’s no wall outlet plug-in charger
  • The on/off button is very small

Why Buy?

The Giveet Wireless Headphones for TV come with FastStream tech, allowing you to binge-watch your best on TV, enjoy playing your favorite game with high-quality sound & in optimum synchronization. The audio unit, which has a variety of fascinating features, sets you back by $53.99.

Sennheiser RS 5000 Digital Wireless Headphone

Sennheiser RS 5000 Digital Wireless Headphones for TV Listening - Black
  • Crystal clear digital wireless transmission for freedom of movement (up to 200 ft.). Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Three selectable hearing profiles optimize speech and music playback. Speech Intelligibility feature reduces TV background noise for greater dialog clarity.
  • Digital and analog inputs provide installation flexibility to TV's or other audio devices
  • Built in Lithium Polymer battery provides to 12 hours operation on a full complete charge
  • Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer.

The Sennheiser RS 5000 Digital Wireless Headphone is the priciest option among the 7 best earbuds for TV, retailing under $300.

Design and Features

  • Connectivity tech, wireless
  • Extremely clear digital wireless transmission up to 200 feet that brings freedom of movement
  • 3 selectable hearing profiles that optimize speech & music playback
  • The Speech Intelligibility system cuts down on TV background noise to ensure greater dialog clarity
  • In-built Lithium Polymer battery that offers up to 12hrs operation on a full complete charge
  • Digital & analog inputs give you installation flexibility to television sets or other audio devices
  • Features 2-year warranty if it’s bought from an authorized Sennheiser dealer

The RS 5000 is equipped with a dramatically enhanced TV sound experience. This is because it allows the audio customization based on your listening requirements. There are 3 hearing profiles, delivering enhanced dialog clarity. In addition to these, we’ve independent left & right volume controls, which work to balance sound.

The device features digital tech, providing wireless freedom and great sound clarity within a range of up to 200ft. Also, the inbuilt rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of playing time, which is cool for extended TV watching sessions.

Furthermore, on-ear pressure is limited as a result of an ultra-light, ergonomic design that provides you with extreme wearing comfort. If you use glasses, you’ll love the stethoscope wearing style that gets rid of temple pressure.

The unique Speech Intelligibility feature ensures you find speech easier to understand at the push of a button and reduces dynamically TV background sound, which can interfere with dialog. This brings about a better understanding of TV program content and delivery of a more relaxed listening experience.

The wireless headphones is both easy to set up and easy to use. Connection is carried out using digital (optical) or analog output standard on nearly all TV models. Charging the battery is done when the device is placed in the base station, and the system will notify you when it’s time for a recharge. The unit goes itself off automatically when not in use.

The RS 5000’s sleek & attractive base station transmitter is a stylish addition to all home entertainment systems. The model works as a smart docking station that — when charging the durable integrated battery — allows the headset or receiver lie in a compact horizontal position.


  • Elegant design
  • Pressure-free wearing comfort
  • Wireless freedom
  • Improved TV sound quality
  • Speech Intelligibility system
  • Connectivity & ease of use


  • Some users complain about the pressure of the device in the ears is slightly bothersome

Why Buy?

The Sennheiser RS 5000 has an elegant design and works as a smart listening device, delivering a customizable TV sound experience that accommodates individual listening requirements as well as personal taste. We’ve 3 selectable hearing profiles, improving your TV, movie, and music listening experience.

There’s a unique Speech Intelligibility system for increasing speech clarity of the headphone at the touch of a button. The unit comes with innovative digital wireless tech, which produces crystal-clear sound. Also, it has intuitive and highly responsive controls that are easy to use. The battery life is remarkably great. And during long listening sessions, wearing comfort brings an enjoyable TV sound experience.

BANIGIPA Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds w/Fast Stream for TV

BANIGIPA Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds for TV Watching, Wireless 40ms FastStream Headset Earphones with Mic for Phones, Compatible for Bluetooth Transmitter, 16Hrs Playtime, No Audio Delay
  • ◆ Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones – Upgraded QUALCOMM CSR, wireless freedom comes with Bluetooth 5. 0 technology, good Connectivity, quite practical, great sound quality, there's no distortion on music. The earphones offer fast pairing in seconds, better sound transmission and low latency receiving with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, computers, Ipad and others. There is a good selection of different buds to get a good fit in your ears.
  • ◆ Low latency – Support Faststream audio codec, quicker pairing with Banigipa Bluetooth transmitters (BT-B28, SKBTI-038 and JYD-B26 with FS) to virtually eliminate audio delay when watching TV / movies, no Lip-Sync audio delay. Also works with all Bluetooth enabled devices e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. (Notes: To take advantage of fast pairing or low latency, faststream enabled Bluetooth transmitter are also required)
  • ◆ Multi-point & Reconnect Automatically – You can connect to two devices simultaneously, also guarantee clear stereo music performance. The earphones reconnect automatically as soon as turn on your Bluetooth, simply turn on both your phone and Headphones and they will auto connect for the ultimate user-friendly Audio experience.
  • ◆ Ultra-long playtime – High-Performance rechargeable battery, built-in 220 mAh battery, only 2 hours fully charge, Battery time is stated to be around 16 hours for talk time/music play time when you set middle volume, enough to working for a whole day.
  • ◆ Magnetic design – The two earbuds can stick together with the magnet which allows to not move around as much when it is around my neck, easy to get rid of earphone line tangles, and convenient to wear around your neck. All Banigipa product includes a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee & 24-Month Worry-free Warranty!

The BANIGIPA Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds w/Fast Stream for TV come in a super-convenient and secure magnetic design. They support nearly all Bluetooth devices, such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and others like kindle, laptop, and so on. The earbuds can connect to every one of your devices using Bluetooth, which allows you to enjoy a wireless life.

Design and Features

  • Feature Bluetooth 5.0 tech. The unit comes with upgraded Qualcomm CSR with wireless freedom due to the Bluetooth v.5. 0 technology. It’s robust connectivity, with great sound quality. Also, no distortion on music.
  • Fast pairing. The earphones pair instantly in seconds, providing enhanced sound transmission & low latency reception via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tabs, computers, iPad, and other devices. They offer a nice selection of different buds so you can find a secure fit for your ears.
  • Multi-point and Auto reconnection options. The earbuds let you connect to 2 devices at the same time and deliver clear stereo music performance. They reconnect automatically immediately you put your Bluetooth on. Just switch on your smartphone and the headphones; immediately, the audio unit will connect automatically to bring you a superior audio experience.
  • Low latency. The BANIGIPA Headphones have support for Faststream audio codec, which ensures faster pairing with Bluetooth transmitters from the manufacturer (SKBTI-038, BT-B28, and JYD-B26 with FS), virtually getting rid of audio delay while watching your TV or movies, and ensuring there’s no lip-sync audio delay.
  • Magnetic design. Both earbuds can stick together with the magnet, preventing them from moving around as much when worn around your neck, with line tangles easy to eliminate. The appliance is convenient to wear around the neck.
  • Warranty. Every product from Banigipa has a 60-Days money-back guarantee & a 2-year warranty.
  • Long playtime. There’s a high-performance rechargeable inbuilt battery, with 220mAh capacity, which requires 2 hours to charge fully. It offers about 16 hours for talk time or music playtime when the volume is set at the middle. That’s enough to last a whole day.

The headphones are compatible with BANIGIPA fast-stream transmitters (BTI-038/042, BT-B28) and get rid of almost any audio delay while watching TV or movies, without any lip-sync delay.

Apart from that, they’ve support for multi-connection of up to 2 devices at the same time. They allow you to easily switch between two Bluetooth devices while always maintaining the connection to your smartphone. With this strong connection, you can never miss any call even when you’re in a loud environment.

The unit gets CVC Version 6.0 noise cancellation tech, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality for video, music, and voice for calls. Also, the stability is top-notch in anti-noise performance, and that can enhance call quality.

The audio appliance has a secure magnetic design. The 2 earbuds can be connected together using a magnet on either side. This allows you to leave them hanging around your neck when not in use, eliminating the fear of dropping while moving around.

With the BANIGIPA Bluetooth Headphones, you can listen to music all day as the device is ideal for every outdoor activity. It packs an inbuilt 220-mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can last up to 16hrs of playtime.


  • Low latency option
  • Ultra-convenient design
  • Secure magnetic design
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Let you listen to music for a whole day
  • Pair with two devices at the same time


  • Get slightly uncomfortable after prolonged use

Why Buy?

The BANIGIPA Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds w/Fast Stream for TV are also one of the 7 best earbuds for TV. Apart from that, they’re ideal for workouts as a hands-free kit. They let you answer an incoming phone call outdoor or call an ambulance when you find out you’re not up to running as you should. Also, they’re perfect for night jogging. The unit offers you quite a sense of freedom.

In a Nutshell

We’ve various ways to enjoy show time in comfort without disturbing your family or neighbors. A pair of earbuds for TV might just be all you need to watch car chases & concerts at full volume conveniently.

A problem you could notice when making use of wireless earbuds with your TV is a lag between the content you see on your screen and the one you hear. Though this is a minor issue, it could be annoying, and it’s caused by latency. Latency is a term for the time the sound takes to travel from the source to your headphones.

Luckily, Bluetooth codecs have steadily improved latency and have corrected this kind of issues. The latest version of Bluetooth (version 5.0) can achieve an excellent match between audio & video, with a 40m indoor range, in comparison with the 10m range in Bluetooth v.4.2.

You’ve to ensure that your television set has the capability to transmit audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. On that note, we bring this post on the 7 best earbuds for TV to an end.

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