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About Us

Founder – Xarmah James

I’ve owned Headphones since 2004. They are like second nature to me.

The first headphones I had were Sony MDR-3L2. It was a gift from my mother and since then it was a beginning of a long-term relationship – a healthy one.

Before going to college, I worked in an audio equipment store and through that avenue I got in contact with many headphone brands.

I worked my way through them knowing the physics behind and to a certain degree I feel qualified to recommend headphones depending on your criteria. This is the reason Soundcorridor was founded – to review and break down the nitty gritty parts of sound engineering to help you make informed decision on products.

Chief Editor – Mustapha Adedeji 

Deji is a seasoned tech writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a strong background in Physics, his interests include research, science, technology, and history. He loves meeting people and playing football. Want to get across to Deji? Email:



To be very honest, we don’t have any backing from big companies. This makes the review on the website unbiased and trustworthy. We cover topics as in-depth as it could get leaving no stones unturned.